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The developers at Aura Studios have a love for great code. We believe in creating efficient and elegant code that can speak to the hardware and make it do what we want. In order to enforce this belief, we strive to only implement the industry’s best-practices. Our websites are developed with usability, cross-browser accessibility, and information design in mind. This allows our clients’ ideas to reach the highest potential amount of customers. With many years of experience shared between our developers, we look to leverage our overall experience to build the best products for our clients. Whether is an Android phone app or a web application, our goal is to keep our customers and their clients satisfied.

  • Front-end Development (HTML/CSS/SASS/JavaScript)
  • Application Development (Ruby on Rails, PHP, Java)
  • Mobile Development (iOS, Android, Windows Phone)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Consulting
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